About Magnus

Apparently there’s some Scottish in me. Not much. But just enough to make me appreciate my heritage, and, every now and again, to fear it. But never fear. I don’t own a kilt. Even if I did, she’d never let me wear it.

And frankly, I don’t live in Scotland. I live in the Pennsylvania Dutch country. And, eventually, I’ll live in Mexico City. But, imagine if this were Scotland, and we found ourselves in the midst of an epic fight for freedom, you’d hear someone refer to to some other guy named Magnus, and if you were a knowledgeable, self-respecting Scot, you’d think to yourself,

Ay, that Magnus. He’s a great one!

Of course a real Scot would say, He’s a stoatin yin, but this is not Scotland (unless it is, and then, Fàilte!), and most likely, you don’t know anyone named Magnus (unless you do, and then, great!) What you will find here, however, is a general mish-mash of topical material loosely related, yet all dealing with one central topic – God.

If you’re a Celtic scholar, you already know that the word Magnus has roots in the word Great. If you’ve not brushed up on your Celtic in a quite a long while, there you go, I did your homework for you. You’re welcome. If your linguistic taste sways more to the lower realms of the thermometer, and you like Norwegian, you’ll recognize the same thing – Magnus equals Great. And, if you’re an old soul, favor broad piazzas, and would love to have grand Corinthian columns fronting your home, and you prefer Latin, the same applies. If none of these apply to you…well, sorry. Go try German. Good luck, and enjoy the schnitzel.

More to the point, what you’ll find here is a broad-ranging discussion of what makes God so great!

You also find out that I’m a father, married to a blessed gift from God, blessed even more with six gifts (plus one currently baking in the oven), one of which we had to give back (read HERE for more on why returning some gifts helps one gain a new appreciation for the gift-giver). The five (+1 ) that remain are lively, and joyous, and just this side of taking after their mother, which frankly, is a good thing. All in all, they keep us lively, and joyous, and feeling young, and remind me as a rule how truly blessed I was when she said yes.

You also read about our journey as we prepare to go as a family to Mexico City as missionaries. There will be more to read, and much to share, plenty to learn, but definitely, most definitely, lots of stuff about our great God.

Sometimes, politics will bleed in, but only as a reminder of how truly needy we are, and how great God is, which if one thinks about it long enough, is good enough of a reminder why politics is like the pond in the farmer’s field – tranquil on the surface, but one never knows what muck lies below – and why a conversation about God is like a good fresh spring. Your pick which one you’d rather drink out of.

And, if what you read isn’t really helpful in revealing how great God is, may I suggest one solution. Open a Bible, start at Genesis 1:1 (the start of the story), and read about Him. To help you out, here’s the verse that starts off the story –

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

See? Isn’t He great?



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